Joining Ambassadors for Business

Which membership option best fits your needs?

Free Listing

Free listings only appear in the directory under one category and include basic information:

  • Contact Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

No links for your website or email are included and you have no other member benefits.

Cost: Free


Add the directory only option to enable the following web enhancements:

  • Logo
  • Link to website
  • Link for email
  • 1600 character description
  • Elevated in search results (ahead of Free Listings)
  • Post hot deals, member to member deals, events, news and more
  • rightnow MEDIA@WORK individual subscription

Cost: $30 per month


Includes all directory only benefits along with the following member perks:

  • No registration fee for any Ambassadors for Business facilitated events. (Please note that partner events may require registration fees.)
  • Ability to join G5 Christian business networking groups
  • May now participate in Co- op advertising and sponsor opportunities
  • Elevated in search results
    (over Directory Only)

Cost: $50 per month


Sponsorships are available in a variety of packages and can be customized to fit your needs.

Reasons for sponsorships in- clude:

  • Multiple persons that would like to join AFB
  • Package pricing provides value for banner ads, event sponsorship, exhibitor ta- bles, online advertising and co-op advertising
  • Increased exposure, highest search ranking (over Am- bassador)

Starts at $250 per month

Features List


Free Directory Ambassador Sponsor
Basic Directory Listing x
Enhanced Directory Listing x x x
Web Tools x x x
Join G5 Groups x x
Free Event Registration x x
Mulitiple User x
Search Results Ranking Lowest > Free > Directory Only > Ambassador