G5 Groups

G5 Networking with PurposeG5 Networking Groups are forming across the Twin Cities right now.  Experience a different kind of networking that incorporates your faith into an environment that is truly fertile ground.  Grow your business, enable your giving spirit and find gratitude in your daily life walk.

G5 Networking - put God in the middle.

Networking With Purpose: The G5 Format
I was inspired to implement this format via a networking meeting hosted by Jeff Meacham, a long-time CBMC member in the Twin Cities.  He founded a 4G meeting format that is very similar to what AFB is putting in place with our G5 Networking.

The five G's are:

  • Gospel: the group leader will facilitate a short devotional at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Group: each attendee will take a minute to introduce themselves - not an elevator speech, just name, business, residence location, and marital status.
  • God: what has God been doing in your life since the last meeting?
  • Get: what are you looking to get from the group - introductions, type of prospect, referral sources, etc.
  • Give: who in the group will you commit to helping via introduction or service by the next meeting?

The Gconcept is exponential in its potential as we believe anything is possible when you put God in the middle of your efforts!
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Mission of G5 Groups
Our mission is to provide mid-sized (10 to 25 people per group) networking environments where Christians can come together to do business more efficiently and effectively with God in the middle of their business.

Wisdom from the parable of the talents tells us that God would have us increase in all we are entrusted with.  We believe that we can do that more efficiently and effectively when we are working together.  By pouring into each another via our connections, time and sharing of experiences, our cups are continuously renewed.  For as we pour out with good measure, so it is measured unto us.

We believe G5 networking group participation will provide members with:

  • A conduit to better business done in a Christ-like manner with both sides of the transaction acting with integrity and grace.
  • A conduit to more business via the added connections and introductions from fellow members of like mind and spirit.
  • A time savings as business is gained via introductions and business is done in a Christ-like manner.
  • We also believe that these benefits will further unlock the giving spirit within each of us allowing us to pour back into the kingdom with the time, wisdom and treasures we are receiving.

Meeting Locations and Frequency
The group leader determines the meeting location and frequency of the meetings so a variety of options are available.  Since new groups are forming each month, please see the event listing for times and locations.  If there's not a group that fits your needs, consider starting up a group of your own!


Bob Willbanks | President | Ambassadors for Business

bwillbanks@afbnl.com | (612) 298-1176 Direct